Umrah Visa & Package services:


Whereas, both the parties have agreed to associate for Umrah season and that Al-Hazam shall provide following services to Primary Agent:

Provision of Umrah visa contract to the Primary Agent.

Assist in timely activation of contract from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Herein after referred as the “Kingdom” or “KSA”) for visa processing. (Subject to provision of documents, guarantees and allied charges from Primary Agent).

Act as Manager / facilitator in obtaining Umrah visa from Saudi Umrah Company and allied services as purchased / agreed upon from time to time during the season.

Processing of Umrah Visa.

Provision of Umrah packages and provision allied accommodation and Transport services in KSA for Umrah Pilgrims (Herein after referred as “Pilgrim”, “Pilgrims”, “Mutamer” or “Mutamers”) of the Primary Agent as per rates quoted by Al-Hazam from time to time.


This agreement comes into force on the date of signing by both parties and is subject to receipt of any securities required by Al-Hazam. The agreement shall be valid for Umrah season or unless terminated by either party. Either party can terminate this contract by giving at least 30 day’s advance notice.

In case of violation of any clause of this agreement, Al-Hazam may at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement immediately, without any liability to the Primary Agent.

Both parties shall immediately settle the outstanding account dues on receipt of termination notice.


General terms and conditions for management of services given in para “1” above are as under:

Al-Hazam shall provide, on letter head, duly signed / stamped, the details as mentioned in Anx ‘A’ and same should be considered an integral part of this agreement.

Al-Hazam, in due course of the season, will provide unique system ID’s to the Primary Agent for direct processing of umrah visa request, request status, hotel reservations and accounts management. Detail terms and conditions for it use will be sent separately and will be binding on Primary Agent.

Al-Hazam shall entertain only those requests of the Primary Agent which are received as per Anx ‘B’ on letter head duly signed by authorized signatories or through authorized E-Mail address of the Al-Hazam given in Anx ‘A’.

Passports must be sent to Al-Hazam for processing at least 15 to 20 days before travel date. However, non-refundable tickets shall not be issued by the Al-Hazam till the time visa is endorsed, as Al-Hazam shall bear no liability if the visa stamping is delayed due to any reason.

At the risk of Primary Agent, Al-Hazam may accept passport at short notice but will take no liability of losses suffered by Primary Agent, on any account, due to MOFA / Visa rejection or delay in visa stamping.

Primary Agent agrees to take complete accommodation and transport package for the intended duration of stay of each Pilgrim in KSA.

Primary Agent will ensure that no Pilgrim proceeds to the Kingdom without purchasing full accommodation and transport services for the intended stay duration.

Pilgrims will not be allowed to stay in self-arranged hotels in KSA. Primary Agent shall ensure strict compliance.

In case of self-arranged hotels Primary Agent will be given to the Al-Hazam an additional amount equal to Saudi Riyals 50/- per person over and above the applicable visa rates.

Primary Agent will not sell Visa only or partial packages at any stage of the season.

In case Primary Agent intends to purchase and register their own hotels at the Kingdom then the Primary Agent can formulate their own Package basing on their purchased / hired accommodation. Al-Hazam will assist Primary Agent in registering such purchased hotels in the name of Saudi Umrah Company at the discretion of Al-Hazam.

Al-Hazam must finalize the Package at the time of submission of passport and same package duration shall be endorsed in MOFA application.

Incase if the ticket is issued by Primary Agent or its associated companies, the PNR shall be provided along with passports submitted for Visa processing.

Hotel voucher shall be issued strictly as per flight schedule available in the PNR provided to Al-Hazam.

Primary Agent will ensure provision of Hotel / Service Vouchers for the stay duration to every Mutamer / Group before Travel to the Kingdom. (specimen will be provided by the Al-Hazam before commencement of operation)

Primary Agent will ensure that arrival information of all Mutamers traveling to the Kingdom for Umrah is sent minimum 48 hours before the flight. (Reporting Channel and Specimen of arrival information will be provided by Al-Hazam before commencement of operation)

Primary Agent will ensure that all Mutamers exit the Kingdom on expiry of their purchased package according to the Hotel voucher.

Primary Agent shall ensure that overstayed Pilgrims cooperate in giving their finger prints to the relevant authorities in KSA as per the laws in vogue. All expenses incurred on such cases shall be borne by the Primary Agent.

If a Mutamer or group of Mutamers is unable to travel for Umrah after dispatch of arrival information than Primary Agent will be bound to initiate amendment of such delay before actual time of arrival of these Mutamers or Group at Kingdom. Failure to send the amendment will result into a fine of SR. 100 (One Hundred) per Mutamer for all un-arrived Mutamer.

Complaints of Mutamers if any with regards to provision of purchased services will be sent by the Primary Agent to the Al-Hazam immediately on occurrence of complaint at Kingdom for timely rectification.

Complaints pertaining to refunds on account of non-provision of some part of services will not be entertained if such complaints are initiated after completion of journey and return of Mutamer to Pakistan.

No refund will be given on account of un-utilized accommodation services especially in cases where Mutamers intend to stay with their relatives residing in the holy cities of Makkah Mukarmmah and Madinah Munawarah.

Likewise no refund will be given on account on un-utilized transport sectors.

No refund claim shall be accepted unless Pilgrims, on return, presents the original voucher with written endorsement from the designated service staff of Al-Hazam in KSA. All such refund requests must be presented to Al-Hazam within 03 working days from the dates of return of Pilgrim to Pakistan.

Primary Agent will ensure booking of return flights for all its Mutamers strictly according to the purchased packages dates. In case of variation in date of expiry of package and date of return flight, Primary Agent will be bound to pay the cost of additional stay for all such Mutamers on occurrence.

In cases where a Mutamer or Group of Mutamers miss their return flight due to their own fault than all expenses on account of additional stay of these Mutamers in Kingdom and re-issuance of fresh return tickets will be borne by the Primary Agent.

Primary Agent warrants & undertakes that the change in travel schedule shall not be allowed after issuance of Hotel voucher.

Primary Agent shall strictly forbid their sub agents or Mutamer from changing return seats beyond booked package dates at their own without prior information to staff of Al-Hazam deputed in the Kingdom for service of Mutamers.

Primary Agent will be liable to pay MOFA / approval charges if a visa is rejected by Embassy / Consulate due to any reason.

Similarly if after issuance of visa a Pilgrim fails to travel due to any reason than the amount as prescribed in the agreed package / rate list will be payable by the Primary Agent.

Primary Agent shall be responsible for the conduct of their Pilgrims in KSA. All responsibility in case of any involvement in illegal activities or misconduct of their Pilgrims will rest with the Primary Agent.

Primary Agent will be responsible to provide on demand relevant exit documents to The Al-Hazam in cases where a pilgrim has already exited KSA but is still shown in immigration system as non-exit. Failure to provide such documents will make Al-Hazam liable to pay fines under the laws of government of KSA.

Under the laws of KSA original passports will not be handed over to any Pilgrim in KSA.

Primary Agent undertakes to pay to the Al-Hazam any difference of accommodation rates, if any passenger does not agree to stay in hotels mentioned in hotel voucher and insist for other hotel.

Extra services demanded by Pilgrims in KSA shall be charged by Al-Hazam to the Primary Agent and Primary Agent shall be liable to pay the same immediately.

In case of constraints in visa stamping or imposition of quota from Embassy / Consulate, any raise in drop box fee will be payable by the Primary Agent. Al-Hazam, however, will take consent from Primary Agent for processing such cases.

All decisions / actions of Al-Hazam will be in accordance with the instructions of Saudi Umrah Company and under the laws and policies laid down by Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia. Primary Agent will be bound to act within the parameters given in this agreement and further on through routine instructions sent from time to time by the Al-Hazam.



In the light of Saudi Talimaat for Umrah following shall be the binding on Primary Agent:

Charges incurred on Biometric, Eitmad processing, Insurance and Saudi Visa drop box will be payable by the Primary Agent.

Primary Agent will be solely responsible to recover and Pay to the Al-Hazam an amount of SR. 2,000/- for all repeat Umrah pilgrims as per the existing laws of the Kingdom.

Primary Agent will be liable to pay the amount of all fines imposed on Al-Hazam due to any violation committed by the pilgrims of Primary Agent.

Primary Agent will be liable to pay, within 07 days of occurrence, a penalty of (SR) Saudi Riyal 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand) for each of their pilgrim who escapes in the Kingdom, along with any other charges, as per laws / Polices and rules and regulations of KSA. Furthermore Al-Hazam reserves the right to initiate legal proceeding against Primary Agent.

A fine of SR 100 (One Hundred) per day per Mutamer will be charged for Mutamers staying without information in KSA beyond booked package duration (as per Hotel Voucher).

A fine in of SR 100 (one hundred) per Mutamer will be charged for every Mutamer of Primary Agent who arrives in the Kingdom without dispatch of prior arrival information. Visa processing of Primary Agent will be stopped for 3 Days on every such volition.

A fine of SR 3,000 (Three Thousand) will be charged for every Mutamer or group of Mutamers of Primary Agent who are caught staying in unregistered or unauthorized hotels. Al-Hazam reserves the right to suspend further business after 02 such occurrences.

Last Date of exit from the Kingdom for all Mutamers will be 25th of Shawal 1440 AH with a cushion of 5 days i.e. 30th of Shawal). A fine of SR. 3,500 (Three Thousand Five Hundred) per person will be imposed for all Mutamers staying in Kingdom after 30th of Shawal.

Any amount paid by the Al-Hazam in KSA on account of paper work, taxi charges against Pilgrims of Al-Hazam in police custody due to legal reasons will be paid by the Primary Agent on demand.

Primary Agent undertakes that the Domestic flights on SV (i.e. from Medina or Jeddah to Riyadh / Dammam etc. or vice versa) will not be booked. Primary Agent shall be charged with fines as intimated by Saudi Umrah Company on occurrence.

All fines imposed will be intimated on occurrences by the Al-Hazam through agreed communication channels and shall have to be cleared within seven days.


Prevailing currency exchange rates will be applied at the time of payment of all above fines.

Last date of exit of Mutamers from Kingdom may be revised by Al-Hazam after advance notice.


Following are agreed:

All visa cases of the Primary Agent will be processed on receipt of advance of RS. 6,000 per passport.

Primary Agent agrees to clear full package amount against each Pilgrim at the time of receipt of visa stamped passports from Al-Hazam. Al-Hazam reserves the right to hold back passports in case of non-payment by the Primary Agent. Any financial losses to the Al-Hazam due to this factor will not be of any liability to Al-Hazam.

The Primary Agent undertakes to pay the charges for requested services, i.e. Umrah Visa’s, Accommodations, Transports and any other value added services mentioned in the Umrah Booking Contract (Hotel Voucher).

Full package amount must be paid by the Primary Agent for all urgent visa processing requests (i.e. processing in less than 15 working days) before processing of MOFA. In case of MOFA or Visa rejection, balance amount shall be refunded / credited to the Al-Hazam, after deduction applicable charges to the Primary Agent, within 07 days.

Primary Agent shall be responsible to reconcile the accounts on weekly basis and inform in writing any discrepancy to the Al-Hazam. Late claims submitted by Primary Agent will not be reconciled / discussed.



Mode of Payment will be through Bank Draft / Pay Order/ Online Deposit/cash in the name of Al-Hazam or its designated associated companies. Only cash draft / hard cash is acceptable at the time of handing over of the travel documents or at the time of issuance of hotel voucher (whichever is earlier).


Al-Hazam shall review the amount of Security required from time to time and reserves the right to require an immediate increase of Security. If at any instance of time, Al-Hazam feels existing Security is insufficient to secure the obligations of the Primary Agent, Al-Hazam reserves the right to refuse any further bookings and reservations /services.


Al-Hazam is only service provider and shall not be liable for any loss, which may include, but not limited to, personal injury, illness, property damage or other loss of expense of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of any actions of entities, which may include, but not limited to, airlines, hotels, local transportation services providers.