CEO Message

We have the pleasure in introducing “AL-HAZAM INTERNATIONAL” as a well recognized Sate Approved enterprise engaged in trading manpower export, primarily, form Pakistan.

“AL-HAZAM INTERNATIONAL” RWP, is engaged in the recruitment and supplying of Pakistani manpower for overseas employment. Our pool of manpower ranges from highly professionals such as managers, engineers, technical staff and up to general workers from different areas of industries in GULF side, such as petrochemical industry, power plant construction and maintenance, telecom industry, hotel services, heavy mechanical workshops, third party consulting services like quality health and environment, Quality control and assurances services etc. Building construction and school and college faculty staffing etc. Here “AL-HAZAM INTERNATIONAL” RWP, our business goal is simple: Total customer satisfaction, through quality and personalized delivery of each given project plus value added services. Through utilization of ISO guidelines we aim at embedded a strong awareness of quality in our organization to the benefit of all three parties, foreign client, agency and local clients (candidate).

Operates form the hub of the main cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Being he Head Office, it has the easy access to all related Government authorities, embassies, trade centers and even all categories of work forces in general.

The Rawalpindi/Islamabad region is encircled by industries and concerns of highest repute. To name a Few: WAH Ordinance Factories, Heavy Mechanical and Electrical complexes. Aircraft and Tank Rebuild Factories, Cement and Taxila and numerous industrial estates comprising hundreds of manufacturing units.

Our staff are veterans in this field handling all documentation professionally fulfilling accurate and timely services, negotiating at very reasonable, competitive  rates; which has undoubtedly brought us a satisfactory number of clientele throughout Gulf specifically Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Your valued queries and esteemed orders are assured of being promptly responded. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to your happy association for mutual benefit.




Malik Azhar Hussain