The Middle Eastern boom has brought on unprecedented pace of economic development in the region. This monumental growth of economic development required a large number of professionally qualified, technically trained skilled ad semi skilled personnel to ensure timely completion of various projects and continued operation and maintenance of the completed projects. Pakistan has a population of nearly 140 million people with large network of colleges. Technical Training Institutes and Universities producing thousands of qualified youth each year, in addition there are a number of professional institutes which regulate the professions of Engineering, Medicine, and Computer Technology. Education. Chartered and Cost and Management Accountancy, Nuclear Science etc. The Pakistani Engineers have established an excellent international reputation for the high standards of skill and performance. They have displayed a superb aptitude to adopt the ever-charging environment. Moreover, Pakistani engineers and technically trained personnel, have not only been involved in a number of other projects in Pakistan, but have also made a significant contribution to various projects in the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world.

The tremendous pace of development particularly in the oil producing countries has made it necessary for the private enterprises and government agencies to seek a large number of personnel from Pakistan due to their established reputation for hard work. The main reasons for engaging Pakistan personnel are:-

  1. Ready availability of a large number of Qualified, technically trained and semiskilled personnel.
  2. Ability to adjust easily in communication.
  3. Competitive salary structure enabling employers to attain a high level of profitability
  4. Proven record of hard work. Reliability and devotion to duty.
  5. Due to similar climatic conditions (high temperatures) Pakistani outdoor employees can perform efficiently without work delay and inaction.