Organization & Facilities

Recruitment department

Our recruitment department is one of the big businesses coursed, to get manpower demand, maintain the large pool of manpower and get them registered and fulfill the client demand from the registered pool of manpower.

Trade and test facility

 Have its own technical trade test and training center for major areas of electrical, civil, mechanical and plumbing, and also having the affiliation with other centers in course of need and demand of clients, so that they can hire the workers as per job specification and description to ensure the best quality workers.

Documentation department

We have documentation department, that is supervised by expert and qualifies staff, who registered the visas, filing the cases, and manage all visas related activities up to consulate.

Legal department

Our legal department is separately functioning, and performs all the activities related to legalize the process of visas and immigration clearance and protector and insurance of workers etc.

Management and administration

Headed by our office manager; our office administration department translate all management policies into do-able action plans within the organization, which aimed at to maximizing the organization productivity of all employed members, of the organization.

  • Manpower Requirement from respected clients
  • Collecting pool of applicants
  • Prescreening
  • Selection process
  • Visa Processing