Dubai (UAE) Visa


1.1.    Dubai (UAE) Visa:

14 Days Transit Visa

30 Days Tourist Visa

90 Days Tourist Visa


That the Primary Agent will pay the Nonrefundable Visa Fee in advance and in full as per rate sheet, marketed time to time based on market conditions, by Al-Hazam.

That the Primary Agent will provide complete information of Traveler as per Visa Application form (Floated time to time) duly signed by Traveler.

That the Primary Agent shall responsible for acts, any involvement in criminal activities and behavior of their traveler throughout his/her stay in UAE and any penalty imposed by UAE Authorities will be the responsibility of the Primary Agent. Al-Hazam will not give any sort of support if traveler is arrested by the UAE authorities.

That the Primary Agent will fully undertake the responsibility and guarantee that the traveler will return back to Pakistan or third country (transit UAE) within the validity of visa. If the traveler overstays the Agent / applicant is solely responsible for the penalties towards UAE authorities and towards Al-Hazam Travel as well.

That the Visa fee is not refundable irrespective of decision on visa application. Once visa application is accepted by Al-Hazam Travels for processing, visa fee is not refundable for whatsoever reason including visa refusal, inability to use visa, refusal to enter Dubai, or force majeure etc.

That the UAE Transit visa is valid for 14days from the date of issue and the passenger has to travel within the 14 days and stay permitted for 14 days once entered in the UAE. Tourist Visa is for 30days. Primary Agent shall stay only for 14days, and if Primary Agent wants to stay over 14days Primary Agent will have to pay the prevailing difference of 14 Days & 30 Days visa and Al-Hazam will entertain it as 30 Days visa subject to recovery of such difference.

That the Extensions will be made directly in Dubai subject to provision of necessary information & charges thereon.

That the Student and minors will be considered eligible for visa if they are traveling with parents.

That the visa issued is valid to travel on any airline.

That the Al-Hazam Travels will not be responsible for the inability of the applicant for not being able to travel due to denied boarding, offloading, cancellation of flight or any delays or any other circumstances leading to non- utilization of visa.

That the decision to approve or refuse a visa is the sole discretion of the Dubai Immigration Authority. Role of Al-Hazam Travels is limited only to forward the application and not to influence in any manner, the decision of the Dubai Government is final and binding.

That it is the sole responsibility of the applicant / Agent to ensure that they have all valid travel documents and accuracy of the statements made in the application.

That it is the responsibility of the applicant is to ensure that the stay in Dubai is as per visa approval. Any overstay will attract legal action and penalties from Dubai Government. It will be the sole responsibility of the Agent/ applicant to face legal action and pay the penalty if any imposed by the Dubai Government. In this respect, if any, penalty is levied on Al-Hazam Travels then Agent / applicant should pay the penalty amount to Al-Hazam Travels on immediate basis.

That the visa must be accepted as offered and is not transferable.

That the Al-Hazam Travels is not responsible for the losses/ damages due to delay in processing/ approval of visa for whatever reason it may be.

That the visa must be availed during the tenure of the visa and is valid subject to the prevailing rules and regulations and the amended rules of regulations at the time of the arrival/ departure to/ from Dubai.

That the Al-Hazam Travels will take all reasonable measures to ensure protection/ confidentiality of the personal data/ documents provided by the agent / applicant, and will not be responsible for any un-authorized access by any means to that information.

That during the handling of visa application processing Al-Hazam Travels shall not be responsible for the loss of any document.

That the Primary Agent will ensure to pass color scanned copy of Entry / Exit Stamp along-with Travel History once visa has been utilized by Traveler as per demand of Al-Hazam and will extend full support to Al-Hazam in this regard.

That Al-Hazam Travels reserve the right to amend, change, add any terms and conditions at any time without notice or liability and all Agent / applicants availing the facility will be bound by this.


CNIC copy of the travelers

In Case of documents provided by the agent / applicant proved fake , it will be sole responsibility of agent /applicant and Al-Hazam Travel (Pvt) Ltd shall not be involved in any civil / criminal litigation and if so agent will indemnify by Al-Hazam Travel (Pvt) Ltd.


It is the Primary Agent’s responsibility to ensure that all information provided to Al-Hazam is accurate.

The Primary Agent will advise to passengers concerning passport, health, currency, immigration and other regulations in force in countries to and through which they are to travel and ensuring as far as practicable that such regulations are observed by all such passengers. In case the passenger is found travelling on invalid documents at transit or destination and if a penalty is imposed on Al-Hazam or on the principal (airline/hotel/other products), the loss shall be recovered from the Primary Agent.

The Primary Agent will pay and will be liable for any charges or fees resulting from any inaccurate information being provided to Al-Hazam by the Primary Agent or via the Primary Agent’s Users. Al-Hazam shall not be liable for and shall be indemnified by the Primary Agent in respect of any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) or third party claims (including but not limited to cancellation fees) suffered by Al-Hazam as a result of any incorrect or incomplete details supplied by the Primary Agent in any Bookings made by the Primary Agent, on behalf of the Primary Agent or through the Primary Agent to Al-Hazam.

Al-Hazam shall not be liable to the Primary Agent for any descriptions, representations, illustrations and other particulars supplied by Al-Hazam or contained in the WBS in respect of Products given for general information, if the same prove to be incorrect or incomplete in any way.


Visa processing time will be 3 to 4 working days subject to submission of complete documents and payment from Primary Agent. Service visa facility is available on extra charges with processing time of 24 hours. Force majeure, political instability, act of God, unavoidable circumstances whatsoever in visa issuing state, will not be responsibility of Al-Hazam in case of delay in visa process time.


It is agreed between parties that promissory note PKR 2,000,000/- shall be deposited with Al-Hazam Travels and Al-Hazam Travel has all right to further deposit in case of default.


In case the traveler fails to return back within the validity of this permit, Primary Agent will be liable to pay the penalty imposed by UAE Immigration to Al-Hazam immediately on demand, or the security chq will be en-cashed to clear the penalties

Both parties fully understand & agreed to the mentioned Terms & Conditions of this agreement.


Overstay Penalty will be the amount fixed by UAE authorities / immigration from time to time.

In addition in case of any punishment by the UAE court or UAE authorities on theft, burglary, fighting, begging, prostitution or any other unlawful / unethical acts of the passenger penalty will be charge to the Primary Agent.

And agent / applicant is also liable to pay penalties to Al-Hazam Travels if any imposed by Al-Hazam Travels